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Preparation and binding study of solid-phase microextraction fiber on the basis of ametryn-imprinted polymer: application to the selective extraction of persistent triazine …
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Evaluation of a new method for chemical coating of aluminum wire with molecularly imprinted polymer layer. Application for the fabrication of triazines selective solid-phase …
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A Smart pH-responsive Nano-Carrier as a Drug Delivery System: A hybrid system comprised of mesoporous nanosilica MCM-41 (as a nano-container) & a pH-sensitive polymer (as smart …
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Synthesis and characterization of new nitrogen-rich polymers as candidates for energetic applications
M Mahkam, M Nabati, A Latifpour, J Aboudi
Designed Monomers and Polymers 17 (5), 453-457, 2014
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